Friday, August 17, 2012

Become a "Friend of the Arts" because Art will be a friend to you!

     As a teaching artist I have found myself in some interesting spaces in order to share my craft:  storage units, large residential garages, small living rooms, porches, some nice professional spaces and most recently , the "Green Room" at the Palmetto Theater.  This Fall I will be teaching in the Stanley Cultural Arts Center:  A large, spacious, amazing space that is home to the Hampton County Arts Council "Friends of the Arts." 
     As I was preparing the space for new classes I was both excited and confused.  How can a space this amazing thrive without lots and lots of people and activities?  The short answer is that it can't.  The more important answer is the reason for this post, and it is a question: 
      Would YOU like to be involved in promoting the Arts of Hampton County?
     Perhaps it hasn't occurred to you that there is anything for you and your family in the Hampton County Arts Council... or maybe you already have a busy schedule, or maybe you just didn't know.  The Arts of Hampton County will only be as strong as the community that supports it.
     What I thought about most of all that day is how important art is to people, and especially to young people.  Art is a way of stretching the imagination:  something that all of us use every day of our lives.  
     Albert Einstein said:  Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the world."
What he realized is that imagination is the fuel that ignites the knowledge we have; the education we take in, the ideas that are born in our heart.
     I share all this to say that you are needed by the Arts Council... but what you may not realize is that YOU need the Arts!  Call today to see what you can do to be a "Friend of the Arts" because ART will be a friend to you!
     HCAC 803-943-3100