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As I have continued in the "Nest" series it has taken on many different forms and meanings.  It is a series that has continued to inspire my thoughts about "home" and the different aspects of our places of refuge.  I hope you will enjoy the art and the companion thoughts.

 "An Ibis Generation" is an oil on canvas of very large dimensions - Maybe a 48 x 60 or larger, I can't remember.  I painted it for my brother Alan and his wife Tracey and their 8 precious children.

Inspired by an actual nest that David Paul and I discovered one year in the rookery, and by my love for my family and all things "Lowcountry."

The painting was done over a period of a couple of days and was almost completely painted with a palette knife - a painting method that I truly love!

This nest resembles one of the very first in this type that I first painted in early 2009.  I like the geometry of the colors and the spare aesthetic of the whole. 

It is acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30, I think, and is available for sale at my studio:

I John 3:2 was continuously on my mind during the first year that I was painting the nest series:
"Brothers, it does not yet appear what we will be;  but we know that when we see Him we will be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is."

I was always thinking of our potential growth and development as believers, and the hope that this life is not all there it...

This nest and eggs was also inspired by one of David Paul's photographs from the Rookery.

Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30

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