Friday, December 31, 2010

I wasn't always Like this - Sometimes I was worse!

Okay, so I wasn't always this way... And this wasn't quite the angle I was going for ... Still they are nice Ruby Slippers ... but I was hoping to look more like Dorothy than the Wicked Witch of the East under a house ... But you gotta love what can happen when you are trying to take your own pictures ... And, no, this was NOT PLANNED. But it is a mighty good lesson. Now, If I can just think of what that lesson might be... No, nothing is coming to mind...
But the future is looking quite optimistic... I actually have Ruby Slippers. The other pictures turned out okay. I was not hurt in the fall. My camera still works. And I had a great laugh when I got up and got back to the camera... which was set on a timer. And it has inspired a whole new set of artwork based on chairs - namely ones that have not tipped over when I went to sit in them. :)
I say the future is optimistic because of Proverbs 31... Which I read on December 31 which tells us that a woman of courage can smile at the future - And I love that. And if I can't smile at the future I now have this nifty "self-portrait" that will always make me laugh. Because there was a day when if I fell down, I couldn't laugh; I couldn't smile; and I certainly didn't want a scrapbook style photo of the event. But I am different now. What a wonder the grace of God.
So back to the point of the my picture taking session in the first place: Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid for the original Ruby Slippers; there were only 6 made for the actual movie. One pair resides in the Smithsonian Institution and they say people stand and cry when they look at them. I totally understand this. I watch the movie just hoping for a glimpse of them. But I mostly just adore their message. You always have the power to go back home... and There's no place like home. It may take a round about journey of struggle, and humility, and fear, and forgiveness - And it make take a few friends: some courage, some heart and a sound mind, but there is no place like it...
And one day, we have the opportunity of standing before a Holy God who longs to have us join Him in His Home... He has prepared a place for us - What a glorious thought.
So as I stand here in the wee hours of a new year I am grateful for a home; the friends that helped me here along the journey and the fact that I can take a new picture - 'cause it's a new year after all - And I am looking forward to this new journey.

And by the way, Happy 2011!

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