Sunday, September 5, 2010

In the Company of Amazing Women

This past Saturday I had the privilege of being in the company of amazing women. We painted. We dined. We laughed. We cried. And I, for one, remembered why I am so blessed to be in the company of women.

I was visiting my sister Julie (shown at left) in Charlotte, NC. She is a wonderful mom to her three children Kyle, Chad and Lexi; a dedicated employee at "Anita Goodesign" and a loyal friend to those in her life privileged to call her such. I am proud to call her my sister, and awed to be counted among those who love her.

We had been wanting to have a "Paint Out" at her home for years and this weekend became what will be known as the first of many! We called it our "Soul Sista' Studio" and invited a couple of other women over to share the time. Shelley and Karen joined us and it was a great beginning of what will surely grow to include more women and more dates on our calenders.

Karen began work on this piece with the tree and a "quilting"effect around it.

Shelley worked diligently on her painting even though allergies beset her all day. We were all thrilled with her ability to mix these colors from a basic set of five primary colors.

Julie began this painting of the beach.

And I continue to be enthralled with nests and the theme of the home. This mixed media piece is a new foray into texture, found objects, and recycled art materials.

I am excited about all of the potential that this continues to hold... And I am also delighted to have found a home in the company of these delightful women... they are wives, mothers, friends, teachers, artists and sisters, but mostly, they are amazing!


  1. Sounds like a great time and sorta makes me jealous. But happy for all of you!!

  2. love your writing and your blog... so awesome....