Saturday, August 28, 2010

Red Highlights of my Paris Trip

ow this is
a page out of my dreams... brought to you by my amazing son David Paul compliments of Photo-shop - but really, it looks nice, oui?
But I did have the pleasure of breezing into Paris last February and thought it was about time I shared some of the photo highlights of my trip.

Snow was falling as I took the train in from Charles de Gaulle. I had my cafe au lait with this view of the light rain at the intersection just outside Le Petit Trianon, my hotel.

I love the wet streets and street lights of this scene along with the angles of the buildings. I have wanted to paint this scene ever since.

Coming to Paris on Valentine's Day Weekend was perhaps not the best choice when travelling alone - but I was limited in my travel date options and that is another story altogether. But this particular weekend did offer the most beautiful Parisian Flower Bouquets I have ever seen. And, as you know, the flower stores are everywhere and wondrous to behold.

Everywhere you look in Paris there is something to ooh-la-la over, or to cry over, or to paint...over and over and over again. If it's not the door-knockers, it's the doors; if it's not the architecture, it's the gardens; if it's not the chocolates, it's the ice creams and candies! Really, it is overwhelming the pure sensory overload. So it was my A to Z RED weekend!

I showed amazing self-restraint by not going in and buying these right off the shelf...

Plus, I love all the elements of color and design in this photograph - especially the sky blue backdrop and the tree in the upper left hand corner. And the Kartell store was just one amazing wave of color after another. I love the St. Germaine area for all of it's glorious store fronts and luxurious cafe dining on the broad street.

Maybe it's just me, but on every trip I go I am cruising for color and texture as i search for my next painting inspiration. It was too cold for plein aire painting but I do hope to return to the French Countryside one day for a painting vacation.

More to come...

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  1. Oh this is SO wonderful!! We leave for Paris in 5 days. The weather forecast is RAIN for the first 4 days....that Atlantic storm turning back into Europe.
    I never really let rain dampen my spirits when on vacation though.
    The shoe stores of St. Germain...I remember them well!
    Your photography is fabulous and I can't wait for more!